We are what we think

“What you think, you become.”

— Napolean Hill

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

I feel as though I have lived my entire life up to this moment, to start this now. I am recording this before it happens, because I have yet to read or hear a testimony before the fact. I’ve only seen people looking back and connecting the dots. I’m here to look forward, no dots connected and believe they will connect toward my goal…my vision. I feel as though I may truly be finding the secret to life. “You are what you think about.”

Now, clearly there must be more to it than that. That is why I am here writing this now… To figure it out.

I have been more and more fascinated with this, and comparing them to my past. I recently have been inquiring more and more about “What you think, you become.” You could have said this to me a thousand times when I was younger, and I’d say it was something my mother or grandma told me. Much like, “You’re such a handsome boy.” Did they even know how true what they were saying was? I believe the saying is quite literal. What you think, you become. I think this can go very deep, and I am fascinated with it.

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” -William Arthur Ward

Now, I’m going to be real here, because I have gone through the experiences as everyone else. I have lived my entire life living, imagining, dreaming, but when reflecting back on the things that have passed; I noticed the things that came to be were really the things I focused in on. Good and bad. I realized that I had many dreams that I gave up on… Most immediately. Due to self doubt, distractions, fear, there are many reasons.

It is important to note that I believe you must convince yourself that you are indeed able to achieve this dream of yours. I don’t mean with the first instance… But when repeated over and over, you will start to believe it. You can essentially trick yourself. I know, because I have.

I’m going to explain the process from which I started. I spent many many hours researching this, and then I was able to get kick started with this process.

  1. Imagine something you want. Something you really really want. Close your eyes until you can imagine it very well. Right in front of you. Clear as day. Now, every day, multiple times a day, take a few seconds and do the same. Close your eyes and imagine it. After several times doing this, try attaching positive feelings while imagining. The more often you do this, and do so consistently, your mind will crave it more and more. It will become your drive… Your motivation. This is the first step. The only thing you need to do to get started.
  2. Your mind will automatically start picking up on ways to pull you toward what it is you want. Your mind becomes your sixth sense. It will start picking up on cues everywhere that relates to what you want. Things will pop out at you. I’ve experienced this multiple times this year through different periods I was going through. It’s hard to explain, but I hope you can relate to this in some regard, or you must fully trust me that it happens.
  3. Squash self doubt. Know and realize it will enter your mind. Most things that are new or adventurous might seem scary. It is extremely important to know that is coming and how to deal with it. Don’t let your mind talk you out of things. You must have faith. You must trust the process that your mind is trying to pull you toward your goal. Doubt and fear are the quickest ways to lose your dream.
  4. Know that failing is ok! Failure is the best tool for learning. We learn from experience. Through mistakes. We gain vast knowledge through our failures. Hell, this is my second blog ever, and I still have no idea what I’m doing. But I will tell you, I have faith the dots will connect.

This is where I am currently on my journey. I have had many doubts, as I’m sure every single other human had. I’m not smart enough… I can’t do this… This is too hard… Where do I even start…

It doesn’t matter. Do something. That’s why I’m here, now, writing this. First blog post ever, and I’m not a writer… Don’t care much for it honestly. But I’m here acting, because you must act now! There will never be a better time than now. That perfect timing isn’t going to come. If you are waiting for a good time to start, as soon as a bad moment rolls along, it will knock you right off track! Start now, during the bad moment.

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